august 17, 2022 LIVE STREAMING Program   7:40 PM

l.a. marzulli on

“The rungs on the ladder of disclosure"

august 17th @ 7:40pm

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Have you wondered why the process of "disclosure" is happening now?  Have you wondered why now it is okay to talk to friends and co-workers about UAP's when it wasn't okay to talk about UFOs just a short time ago?  Have you wondered who or what is behind the roll-out of the  validation of this phenomenon?  Why is Tucker Carlson's show seemingly a central point in the conversation and revealing elements of the UAP disclosure, with such guests as Commander David Fravor, a Navy pilot virtually unknown to the public before his UAP encounter in 2017?   Who has the power to make this happen?  Join us for a program that will address these questions.  For more information, please go to our Upcoming Programs page.


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