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SPECIAL NOTICE:  If you attempted to view our March 15 program via Zoom, we had technical difficulties at our live venue and were unable to provide the Zoom coverage.  Pleas email us at with your name and the date of your order, and we will refund your payment.  If you you

march 15, 2023 live and streaming program
robert shiepe on "our government chasing small, dark, fast uapS"

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This month we will bring you a live presentation at the new Costa Mesa Norma Hertzog Community Center, located at 1845 Park Ave., City of Costa Mesa.  This is the former location of the Costa Mesa library.  We intend to also livestream the program via Zoom.  Our speaker will focus on an incident in June 2017, in which Coast Guard and Army helicopters, without explanation, flew into the airspace above Marina del Rey, and were observed flying at about a 300 foot elevation for 14 days before our speaker started video recording their activity.  That's when he discovered the objects they were observing.

For more on our speaker, go to our Upcoming Program page on this site.  To register for this program, click on the button below representing your MUFON-OC membership status.  We encourage pre-registration for our live program to speed your entry at the program location, although you can pay at the door.  Pre-registration is required by 12 Noon on the day of the presentation if you will be attending via Zoom.l


    Member Reservation/Payment $100

   Non-Member Reservation/Payment $15://


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Welcome to the official website of MUFON OC. 

We appreciate your interest and we hope that you will join us in the future at one of our upcoming monthly programs. Take your time here and see what MUFON OC has to offer you.

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