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wednesday, july 31, 2024 program, 7:30 PM


            "retrievals of the third kind"


     this will be a live and streaming program

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Welcome to the official website of MUFON OC. 

We appreciate your interest and we hope that you will join us in the future at one of our upcoming monthly programs. Take your time here and see what MUFON OC has to offer you.

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In this detailed and highly illustrated presentation, Michael Schratt will present an exhaustive examination into the Leonard Stringfield UFO Crash/Retrieval cases. Leonard’s sources included pilots, engineers, medical doctors, pathologists, high level Pentagon officials, U.S. Navy and Air Force personnel. These first-hand sources claimed to have had first-hand knowledge/interaction with alleged Extraterrestrial debris, bodies and recovered craft.

For more information on this live and Zoom presentation, and our speaker, please go to our "Upcoming Program" page on this site or click on the button to the left.

The Zoom meeting log-on credentials will be provided to you when you register for this program.

To register for this program, click on the option below representing your MUFON-OC membership status (member or non-member) and you will be directed to our secure payment processor.  Please register for the program by no later than 12 noon on the day of the presentation. Make sure that when you arrive in the Zoom waiting room on the eve of the program, your email matches the name or the email you used to purchase your program entry.  We cannot monitor last minute program payments/registrations.


    Member Reservation/Payment $10

   Non-Member Reservation/Payment $15


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