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Recommended Viewing

This page is provided as a resource for your research and enjoyment.  We've collected a variety of documentaries and shows that are available to you as part of your streaming package through the Amazon Video on Demand service.  Everything listed here is a free view if you are an Amazon Video subscriber.  MUFON OC is not claiming to support, refute, or debunk any of the ideas, concepts, and beliefs represented in the films and shows listed here.  As always, you must make up your own mind.

What The President Doesn't Know.jpg
Unsealed Conspiracy Files.jpg
UFOs The Best Evidence 1.jpg
UFOs Reconsidered.jpg
Unsealed Alien Files.jpg
UFOs The Best Evidence 2.jpg
UFOs and Science - Slaying the
UFOs and cosmic dimensions.jpg
UFOs 1973.jpg
UFOS 50 years of denial.jpg
UFOs - The Best Evidence.jpg
UFO Abductions.jpg
UFOs & The national Security State.jpg
UFOs & Area 51.jpg
The Yucatan Hall of Records.jpg
The UFO Conclusion.jpg
The Fourth Kind.jpg
The Flatwoods Monster.jpg
The Roswell Crash.jpg
The HIdden Hand.jpg
The Black Programs.jpg
The Black Knight Satellite.jpg
The Ancient Anunnaki Mystery.jpg
The Alien Files.jpg
Secret Societies.jpg
Stuff They Don't Want You To Know.jpg
Lies & Deception.jpg
Lloyd Pye - Where Did We Come From.jpg
Hangar 1.jpg
From The Legend To Reality.jpg
The Aldebaran Mystery.jpg
Pilot Encounters and Underground Bases.j
Nixon Kennedy.jpg
It Could Happen Tomorrow.jpg
How the Universe Works.jpg
Flying saucers are real vol 2.jpg
Extraterrestrial life.jpg
Europes Roswell.jpg
Excerpts from the Government Bible.jpg
ETs Among us.jpg
Crop Circles Quest For Truth.jpg
ETs Amoung Us 2.jpg
Doorways - visitors from the unknown.jpg
Contact with Aliens.jpg
Aztec 1948 UFO Crash.jpg
Close Encounters.jpg
Codes and Conspiracies.jpg
Ancient Aliens - a new world order.jpg
Ancient Extraterrestrials.jpg
Ancient Aliens Series.jpg
Crop Circles Quest For Truth.jpg
Contact with Aliens.jpg
Aztec 1948 UFO Crash.jpg
Aliens on the Moon.jpg
Aliens in Egypt.jpg
Aliens and War.jpg
Aliens at the Pentagon.jpg
Aliens and Atlantis.jpg
Alien Watchers.jpg
Alien Technology.jpg
Alien Paranormal.jpg
Alien reptilian legacy.jpg
Alien Skies.jpg
Alien Implants.jpg
Alien Origins.jpg
Alien Mind Control.jpg
Alien Guests.jpg
Alien Crash Retrievals.jpg
Alien Crash at Roswell.jpg
Alien Global Threat.jpg
Alien Contact.jpg
Alien Contact NASA Exposed.jpg
Alien Arrivals.jpg
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