At each monthly MUFON ORANGE COUNTY meeting we host an acclaimed speaker who will give a presentation to all in attendance that is educational and enlightening.  We invite you to come and check out one of our upcoming meetings.


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MUFON OC public programs are held at

Costa Mesa Senior Center
695 West 19th St. Costa Mesa

7:40 - 10:15 PM

WEDNESDAY, December 18 2019 @ 7:40pm

MUFON OC presents:

David Paulides

“Missing 411 - Unexplained Disappearances”

David Paulides on

“Missing 411: More Unexplained Disappearances”

Wednesday, December 18th @ 7:40pm


David Paulides has been investigating a series of missing people cases where the facts surrounding each incident fit a narrow set of facts. This research has led to the identification of 61 geographical clusters of missing in North America, all with matching profile points. This endeavor started when David received information from national park rangers about an unusual number of underpublicized missing person cases in national parks. This evolved into investigating cases of his type that were occurring in national forests, on BLM land and in open spaces--and the formation of a research team that has reviewed over 6,000 cases. This team has now identified 61 geographical clusters of missing people in North America, the largest being a group of cases associated with Yosemite National Park.

Paulides is the Executive Director of the CanAm Missing Project. He has written a best-selling series of books about his work, and has produced two #1 rated documentaries: Missing 411 (2017) and Missing 411: The Hunted (2019.) David was also the Executive Producer of Vanished, a two-hour special that aired on the History Channel last January.

Paulides holds two degrees from the University of San Francisco and has a professional background that includes twenty years in law enforcement and senior executive positions in the technology sector. He has appeared on countless radio and television shows and presented for MUFON groups across the United States and Australia. David is a level 5 USA Hockey Coach, has coached for 8 years and been a scout for the North American Hockey League. He lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys running, hiking, fishing and skiing.

This presentation will cover all new cases from the latest research, focusing on facts that will shake the basis of your understanding of all missing person cases.


CanAm Missing Project website:


YouTube site: Canam Missing Project


“Missing 411” book series:

Missing 411- Western United States

Missing 411- Eastern United States

Missing 411- North America and Beyond

Missing 411- The Devil’s in the Detail

Missing 411- A Sobering Coincidence

Missing 411- Hunters

Missing 411- Off The Grid

Missing 411- LAW

Missing 411- Canada 


Costa Mesa Senior Center

695 W. 19th Street, Costa Mesa 92627

General Admission: $15

MUFON OC Members & Students with ID: $10.00



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