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MUFON OC public programs are held at

Costa Mesa Senior Center
695 West 19th St. Costa Mesa

7:40 - 10:15 PM

WEDNESDAY, July 15 2020 @ 7:30pm

MUFON OC presents:

jJames Keenan:


Live Video Presentation

     Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch has fascinated UFO and paranormal researchers and investigators for many years. It has been the topic of numerous television shows and documentaries—as well as a number of books. It continues to intrigue the public, in part because the new owner of the ranch isn’t very forthcoming about what has been going on there in recent years.

     James Keenan has spent countless hours looking into the strange and anomalous events taking place at the Skinwalker and in the Uinta Basin generally. Join us as James explains that the ranch isn’t the only area in the region that’s home to paranormal activity. James will recount episodes from his personal adventures there, and share material he’s uncovered from perusing the historical record. He will also discuss research he’s been doing in preparation for writing a book on the Skinwalker and surrounding areas.

     James Keenan is an author, lecturer and field investigator with a background in law enforcement and private investigation. He has written five fictional novels that have science fiction, supernatural or paranormal components. His most recent book, “The UFO and An Alien,” is designed for young readers. James regularly travels the globe in search of evidence shedding light on our distant human history. He has collected vast amounts of data on the topic, including a large photo database of potential evidence on what our ancestors lived through and recorded for future generations. He believes ufology and ancient human history have more in common than most people would care to admit.


Join us for this Skinwalker Ranch update.  We will provide details on how to access this live broadcast as the date approaches.

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