At each monthly MUFON ORANGE COUNTY presentation we host an acclaimed speaker who will give a presentation to all in attendance that is educational and enlightening.  We invite you to check out one of our upcoming presentations.

WEDNESDAY, August 19 2020 @ 7:45 pm

MUFON OC presents:


“Contact Modalities:The Keys to The Universe”


Live Video Presentation


"The way you see us is defined by you...When we visit your world, we temporarily have a physical body defined in a certain way, but it is not the only form, or our original essence. In our dimension, there is no need for a physical body defined in a particular way, as in yours. You share the definitions of reality that are given to you, but you are not yet aware of it." -- Message Josef Ronan received from an alien in his bedroom.


     Contact modalities are gateways to the paranormal world that have mystified humanity for centuries. In this talk, we will examine the many modalities that people can use to transcend the waking states of reality, entering into realms of the magical and the mystical. Examples of these modalities are: UFO contact with non-human intelligences, psychic powers, spirit contact, remote viewing, telepathy, hypnosis, meditation, psychedelics, channeling, and a host of other means used to pierce the veil.


Humans have used these contact modalities throughout history. Though we have made efforts to categorize these modalities in the past and see them as discrete phenomena, the similarities between them are undeniable--and ultimately, they serve the same purpose. Grant Cameron will share his investigation into the nature of mind and memory—along with brain research that indicates many reported claims of contact are real, not imaginary.


This same research is helping to explain how people explore breaks with waking consciousness. The reader will learn that these profound states of mind are readily attainable. We are now on the verge of being able to train people to access these states of expanded consciousness.

To sign up for the program, click on this link: https://portaltoascension.org/event/grant-cameron-mufon-aug/



General Admission to Video Streamed Lecture: $12

MUFON OC Members: $7





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