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WEDNESDAY, July 21, 2021 @ 7:40 pm

MUFON OC presents:

Paola Harris & Jacques Vallee on

“Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret

Live Video Presentation


Our July presenters, one appearing in real time during our July program and one appearing through a video interview with our own Bill Crowley, recorded earlier, will reveal their extensive research that has resulted in the newly-released book "Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret" available on Amazon, documenting a New Mexico UFO crash. that preceded the well-publicized Roswell crash and the Kenneth Arnold sighting  two years later, in 1947, that is credited with ushering in the modern UFO era in this country.


Jacques Vallee, an astrophysicist, has many impressive credits, including co-developing the first computer-based map of Mars for NASA, earning a Ph.D in artificial intelligence at Northwestern University, working as an associate of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the USAF scientific consultant on unidentified flying objects under Project Bluebook, and joining the Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley in the 1970's, working on the prototype collaborative system that later became the internet.  Jacques has investigated UFO reports in North America, South America,  Western Europe, and Russia, and has written extensively about his findings in multiple books published in seven languages.


Paola Harris, born in Rome, holds a Bachelor's degree in English and French from Rhode Island College and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado, and a Master's degree in Education from Leslie College ii Boston.  In 2007 she began her career in investigative reporting in the field of unidentified phenomena.  From 1980 to 1986, Dr. J. Allen Hynek entrusted her with his UFO investigations outside the United States.  She has published interviews with many military witnesses, and in 1997 interviewed Col. Phillip Corso in New Mexico, and was instrumental in having his book, The Day After Roswell, for which she wrote the preface, translated into Italian.  Among her own books are Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena, Exopolitics- All of the Above, and Exopolitics-Stargate to a New Reality, containing 23 interviews with international expert witnesses.  Paula's current research focuses on UFO-related events in Latin America, taking her to Columbia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.   


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