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At each monthly MUFON ORANGE COUNTY presentation we host an acclaimed speaker who will give a presentation to all in attendance that is educational and enlightening.  We invite you to check out our upcoming presentations.

MUFON OC presents:

Our January meeting (Wednesday January 18th) will give you, our attendees, an opportunity to share your experiences and views on the subject of UFO's/UAP's.  Attendees in this live Zoom forum will be able to make  short (5 to 10 minute) presentations to all other attendees related to the general UFO/UAP/ET area. You can talk about your own sightings (e.g. craft, balls of light, high strangeness phenomena), contact experiences (e.g. with apparent ETs, interdimensionals, Bigfoot, cryptids or whatever), or your thoughts about the UFO/UAP phenomena in general. We will have a moderated discussion after each presentation, as appropriate. Note that even though having your video on greatly improves your presentation, you do not need to have your camera on or your full name shown at the meeting.


This workshop, provided by you, is FREE !. Please register (no charges will be made) and you will be given the Zoom link to attend.  Send your request to meetlink2 at

As usual, the meeting will begin at 7:40 pm, and continue up to around 2 hours, depending on how many speakers we have and when the conversation runs out. Do not miss this rare opportunity !



Event Registration:

​​  To make a reservation to attend the program, please send your request to meetlink2 at   A link to our Zoom presentation will be provided following receipt of your reservation.



MUFON OC January Meeting Reservation

Non-member Payment: $15




                  If you need technical assistance registering or logging on to our program, you may contact Robert Gudiel, one of our directors, to guide you through the process.  Please email Robert at, providing your phone number and email address, and he will contact you.

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