Research Project

The MUFON-OC UFO Research Project

The goal of this UFO Research Project is to provide evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects based on analysis of written and/or oral records or reports; or to invent, develop or analyze techniques or equipment that would provide control over gravity for propulsion purposes; or to invent, develop or analyze techniques that would influence the flow of information from one mind to another without conventional electronic connectivity.

Project Criteria

The criteria for acceptance will include a non-numerical blend of the following:

  • Clarifying the UFO investigation issue
  • Media appeal
  • Building a craft
  • Influencing society

Legal Information

MUFON Orange County (and MUFON Inc) will either have the right to claim sponsorship on all publications of this work or ensure that their name is not connected with any publications. Currently planned work and its results will remain the intellectual property of the ufo researcher.  We will plan to offer the opportunity to publish a synopsis of the findings in the MUFON Journal.  The UFO Research Project must not violate any existing laws.

UFO Investigation Funds

Because we want to make our research dollars to go as far as possible, we do not pay for the labor time of the ufo researcher.  However, we will pay virtually all expenses associated with the accomplishment of the work.  We are currently considering projects which have a total cost of up to $1,500.  If this program is successful, we may obtain additional funding for larger projects.

Selection Process

The UFO Research Project will be selected based on a 2-5 page proposal of flexible format that must include:

  • Contact information for all research personnel including names, email addresses and phone and fax numbers
  • Title of proposed project
  • Purpose, goals and scope of project (i.e., “statement of work”)
  • Expected final results
  • Relevance of ufo researcher(s’) background regarding the work involved (e.g. employment history, prior research projects, publications, etc.)
  • Frequency and scope of interim reports
  • Estimate of scope and costs of purchased work or parts
  • Schedule for accomplishing the research and date of final report
  • Proposal should be prepared on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, with legible type

Project Determination

Project selection will be determined by the MUFON Orange County Board of Directors.  No liability will be assumed by them, collectively or individually, for any disputes arising from consideration, rejection, or implementation of a research project.

Closing Remarks

Our intent is to solicit fresh, new, exciting ideas from capable members of the public domain.

Contact Information

Submit your UFO Research Project proposal to:
MUFON Orange County
16835 Algonquin St. #248, Huntington Beach, CA 92649