This is a real-time UFO map that instantaneously displays UFO sighting events as soon as they are reported to us via the internet (www.mufon.com).  The map and database of sighting reports is searchable by multiple variables such as day/time of sighting, location of sighting, size, shape, color, whether an entity was observed, etc.  This UFO map is an excellent visual tool for researchers and the general public to use to find out what sightings are currently occurring and for doing research on the UFO subject. 

MUFON is an educational organization dedicated to the research and investigation of UFOs.  Only the highest scientific and research standards are utilized for our UFO map investigations.  MUFON members are all volunteers, contributing their professional skills in diverse fields such as nuclear engineering, physics, computer science, advanced launch systems engineering, psychology and journalism.  MUFON Orange County members and UFO map investigators come from all walks of life, religious beliefs, age groups and professions.

The MUFON Field Investigators Manual is utilized in all investigations.  Field Investigators are dedicated to solving UFO map reports in an objective, thorough, unbiased and scientific manner.  MUFON ORANGE COUNTY also sponsors a Research Project.  Please report a UFO sighting if you witness one at www.mufon.com.

To become a member of MUFON you can join at www.mufon.com by clicking on the Join NOW link. Memberships are $35 for the e-journal and $45 for the hardcopy MUFON Journal. MUFON Orange County also provides monthly speakers meetings for the low price of $12 per person. A discount speaker card may be purchased thru MUFON-OC for $30 which allows one to attend these monthly meetings for $7, a discount of $5 per meeting and significant savings of $30 per year. Special discounts are also available for students as well.

Please note: the sightings on the UFO map are considered “raw” reports until they have been investigated by MUFON and a final disposition determined.  After an investigation is conducted, 70%+ of cases are usually found to be Identified Flying Objects (IFOs).