Tom Keller

T.L. Keller on

“Modeling and Building The Secret Space Program”

Wednesday, November 8th at 7:40pm

T.L. Keller, a longtime friend and former board member of MUFON OC, will be presenting a history of reports of very large, cigar-shaped spacecraft that have been seen in the skies and in orbit around Earth.  Are these craft of extraterrestrial origin or are they man-made?  Keller will discuss the reasons why he believes this is a real phenomenon, and why he believes in the existence of a secret international, human-constructed space fleet.  Taking us through a logical progression of factual, first-hand experiences, Keller will present the case that this fleet of spacecraft carriers is now in operation.

This talk will also include discussion of a proposed construction methodology for these spacecraft, as described by Gary McKinnon and Corey Goode.  He will identify the industries capable of such a manufacturing process and explain them in some detail.  Keller will then share a hypothesis that he has developed as a result of his research into these areas.

T. L. Keller has had a lifelong interest in space exploration, extraterrestrial intelligence and human evolution.  Mr. Keller is a graduate of the UCLA School of Engineering and subsequently had a successful career as an aerospace engineer.  He holds a Masters in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Science degree in Management Science from USC.  He was a computer systems analyst at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and while there, developed a computer system for managing resources for JPL’s interplanetary exploration projects.  This system was used for resource management during the Mariner, Viking and Voyager missions.  Keller’s experience in construction and aerospace led him to develop the Space MAX: Space Station Construction Simulator, a project management simulator used in the construction of the first commercial space station.  Mr. Keller has also worked for Douglas Aircraft and British Aerospace.  He is the author of The Total Novice’s Guide To UFOs (2010) and The Total Novice’s Guide To The Secret Space Program (2017).  He lives in the Sacramento, California area.

Event Details

November 8, 2017 @ 7:40 PM

695 W. 19th St. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

General Admission: $15 * MUFON-Orange County Members and Students with Student ID, $10