“The Incredible Billy Meier Case”

Micheal Horn’s eclectic background, his penetrating knowledge, and his enjoyable wit made his presentation an evening to remember. Michael Horn’s multi-media presentation included Billy Meier’s amazingly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings, metal analysis and new physical evidence in the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (for over 63 years!) UFO case in history. Michael presented irrefutable proof of Meier’s prophetically accurate information- including his 1958 warning of two U.S. wars in Iraq! Michael also showed never before seen photos and fascinating information on Meier’s experiences and meetings With many world leaders during the 1950s and 1960s in Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East. The audience also learned about the Talmud Of Jammanuel (the true name of the man known as “Jesus”), possibly the most important spiritual document in the past 2,000 years, which Meier co-discovered. People who thought that they “knew all about” the Meier case, as well as those who’ve never heard of it, received an eye-opening presentation on what is either the biggest, most impenetrable hoax – or the most most important story in all of human history.

Event Details

January 23, 2007