Matthew Mordovanec


Our guest speaker on October 17, Matthew Mordovanec, has accumulated hundreds of eye witness accounts of encounters with large creatures that are part of the species generally referred to as Bigfoot.  From Alaska to Florida and in many areas in between, people have seen and reported these creatures in every habitat that can be imagined, from swamps to forests to deserts.  The physical descriptions reveal these creatures as generally large, upright, and ape-like in appearance.

In refining the descriptions and looking at the details, Matt has found that people are describing a variety of related creatures.  Some are huge, with impossibly large shoulders and a very gorilla-like head, a variety that seems to be shy and reserved.  Other types are described as tall, but not nearly as big in the shoulders as the first type, with more of a chimp-like appearance and temperament.  This type is more aggressive and vocal.  Some of the Bigfoot have sharp meat-eating teeth and claws, while others have flat teeth and human-like fingernails.  One of the more frightening types even has a snout like a baboon and a very fearsome reputation.

Matt has found that if you take a look at reports of the different types and plot them on a map, it starts to paint a very interesting picture, and if you look at how the Indians have described these creatures and the type of food and water sources that are in the areas where they are observed, the locations of the sightings start to make a lot of sense.

Matt will break down the type, location, physiology and temperament of the various Bigfoot creatures.   He will also touch on missing people and the extent to which Bigfoot is related to some of the missing 411 cases.

Matt is the creator of the YouTube channel “Mattsquatch Presents.”   He has been interested in the paranormal since he was 8 years old, and for many years has studied the UFO phenomenon, including UFO crashes, abductions, and underground bases.  His mother has a degree in anthropology, which may have contributed to his initial interest in Bigfoot, and he has spent much of the last 10 years doing research in the cryptozoological field with a big focus on the Sasquatch phenomenon.   He has attended and has been a speaker at conferences on the subject, and has been a guest on a number of podcast and other You Tube channels discussing Bigfoot.  While having learned a lot, he has become aware that there is much more to learn about these animals.  He has also personally investigated the phenomenon, having spent time in the woods where he has had several frightening encounters with these creatures.

Costa Mesa Senior Center

695 W. 19th Street, Costa Mesa 92627

General Admission $15,   MUFON OC Members & Students with ID, $10

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