Jeremy Corbell

MUFON OC presents:

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell on

 “UFOs Are A Clockwork Orange”

Jeremy Corbell is an investigative filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. Corbell documents credible individuals and their extraordinary belief systems with the intention of “weaponizing your curiosity.” His research has taken him into the worlds of nanotechnology, aerospace, exotic propulsion systems, UFOs and the Skinwalker Ranch mystery. Corbell has developed intimate portraits of some of the most elusive witnesses in the UFO field. With film subjects such as Bob Lazar, George Knapp, John Lear, “Nano Man”, Dr. Roger Leir and astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

For this presentation, Corbell will give an audio/visual lecture that will feature film clips from his most recent documentary and investigative work. He will discuss his evolving understanding of The Phenomenon (UFOs and beyond), addressing both the nuts-and-bolts elements and the more exotic elements that hint that “an artificial intelligence may be in command of the UFO display.” Corbell will discuss what he calls “the mechanistic characteristics of The Phenomenon.” His theory, informed by the work of Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick, is that a pervasive artificial intelligence may be responding to and interacting with humanity in very hidden, very intriguing ways.

Audience members will see never-before-screened footage from a number of Corbell’s upcoming films, including Skinwalker Ranch and Patient Seventeen.

Come and explore the shadowy and mysterious hallways of the UFO phenomenon with Jeremy Corbell!

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Event Details

July 19, 2017 @ 7:40 PM

Costa Mesa Senior Center 695 W. 19th Street, Costa Mesa 92627

General Admission: $15 MUFON OC Members & Students with ID: $10.00