Jason Martell

MUFON OC presents:

Jason Martell on

“Was The Ark of the Covenant Used to Power

the Great Pyramid?”

November 16th @ 7:40pm

Jason Martel’s research scrutinizes a variety of ancient artifacts and the technology and capability these items imply. Where did these unusual items come from? Would members of an advanced civilization, from say 10-15,000 years in the past, have simply stayed in one locale, or would they have moved out across the globe, taking their technology with them? Generally, we can suppose that the technology of highly advanced civilizations would tend to become widespread. It follows in turn that we would expect to find evidence of their technology all over the planet. In this lecture, Martell will show many artifacts from antiquity which challenge our preconceptions about our predecessors’ technology and level of scientific knowledge.

When observing various ancient cultures, we often see megalithic monuments,  built in alignment with distant stars or constellations. These alignments reflect an awareness of points in time as well as space, along with a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. One primary example of this is the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Until about 15 years ago, we didn’t know that this trio of pyramids was built to correspond perfectly with the geometry of the three stars comprising the Orion Constellation. A more earthly example of ancient technology is the Dendera Light, found in the Hathor Temple in Dendera, which is located fifty miles north of Luxor. A Norwegian electrical engineer exploring the temple noticed that an object depicted in one of the bas reliefs resembled a light bulb. The image the explorers saw in the tomb had a sort of cable at one end and two filament-like arms extending up to a wider, bulb-like end.

Perhaps the most controversial theory Jason has been researching is that the Ark of the Covenant may have been used to power the Great Pyramid. He will discuss this and more in his MUFON presentation. Martell is a researcher and lecturer specializing in the ancient Sumerian culture, Sumer’s advanced technology, and the evidence for ancient astronauts.. Backed by leading scientists from the mainstream scientific community, Martell has been a guest on numerous television shows and has given lectures throughout the world. He has also researched NASA data for possible artificial structures on Mars.

Join us in November to learn amazing facts about lost ancient technology and its possible extraterrestrial origins!

Event Details

November 16, 2016 @ 7:40 PM

Costa Mesa Neighborhood Center 1845 Park Ave., Costa Mesa 92627

General Admission: $15, MUFON-OC Members, Students with Student ID, and First-Time Attendees: $10