“High Strangeness on the Tonopah Electronic Combat Range”

Niara Isley was in the US Air Force from 1979-83, where she was trained as a radar specialist. During part of her service, she was on bi-weekly rotation at the Tonopah Missile Testing Range in Nevada, with a “secret” level clearance.  Her role was to operate auto-track radar, which was used to refine the perspective of larger sweeping radar in detecting the exact location of flying objects on the range. During her time there, she had a variety of unusual experiences, including a sighting of nine flying saucers at close quarters. After she got out of the military, she found she had a bizarre and uncharacteristic total lack of memory of the three months she had spent at Tonopah. After a regression session with Budd Hopkins in 1994, she remembered not only her UFO sighting–but a number of other traumatic experiences at the hands of military personnel at the base. She seems to have had MILAB-type experiences. What she discovered during additional regression work turned her life inside out for many years, launching her into in-depth study and research to find out what had happened to her and why. One episode involved traveling to the Moon on a saucer with several other servicemen, where she operated ultra-modern excavation equipment.

Niara’s healing journey has enabled her to recover from PTSD and provided her with amazing insights into her connection with the ETs and the work she agreed to come here to do. Niara has a BA in social work and has worked in the helping professions for many years. Today, she is an independent body-centered therapist, a writer-educator and an artist. She is also a member of the Exopolitics Institute Advisory Board.

Event Details

Wednesday Feb. 19, 2014 @ 7:40 pm to 10:15 pm

Neighborhood Community Center 1845 Park Ave, Costa Mesa