Anthony Sanchez


Anthony F. Sanchez on

“Underground Bases and the Alien/UFO Phenomenon”

Wednesday, April 19th @ 7:40pm

Anthony Sanchez is the author of the explosive book, UFO Highway, and the founder of Umbra Research, a group dedicated to understanding the hidden aspects and mystery behind the UFO/ET phenomenon and various aspects of paranormal science.  Anthony and his team of investigators have visited such locations as AREA 51, Dulce NM and China Lake–in addition to several reported UFO crash retrieval sites. Most recently, he filmed a segment in Yosemite Valley for the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the National Parks, (Season 2, episode “UFOs Over Yosemite.”)

He currently works with noted experts in the UFO field, such as Linda Moulton Howe, helping to raise public awareness of underground facilities, alien/human hybrids, greys and UFOs. In his professional life, Anthony owns and operates the world’s number one paranormal software company for Windows, GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™. In early 2017, he launched his newest endeavor, a company that makes podcast and Internet radio software, called “Pro Radio Tools.”

Anthony is a senior level technologist and veteran of Silicon Valley, having received his BSc. in Computer Information Systems from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City. He has worked for Intel Corporation, 3Com Corporation and HP — and still develops software for the State of CA through his own consulting firm. Anthony has appeared on Coast to Coast AM from time to time and been a featured speaker at various UFO conferences, including the 2016 Dulce Base UFO Conference.

Event Details

April 19, 2017 @ 7:40 PM

Costa Mesa Senior Center 695 W. 19th Street Costa Mesa

General Admission: $15 MUFON OC Members, 1st Timers, Students w/ID: $10.00