Abduction Phenomena

The abduction phenomenon is an integral part of the UFO enigma. Many people experience events that lead them to wonder if they may have been abducted.  Click on the links listed below to visit some sites of well-known researchers that address this phenomenon.  Please note that MUFON OC does not promote or endorse any particular researcher, website, or therapist.  As always, use your own discernment!

Websites for Abduction Phenomenon Information

Alien Jigsaw

International Center for Abduction Research.  David Jacob’s website :


The late Budd Hopkin’s work can be accessed at:


www.AlienScalpel.com.  Roger Leir’s website .

www.AlienHunter.org.  Darrel Sims’ website .

http://www.alienexperiences.com/06Abductionphenomenon.html.  Melinda Leslie’s website .

http://experiencers.com/. The late John Mack’s work.

Written Works on Alien Abductions

Intruders by Budd Hopkins. 

Missing Time by Budd Hopkins

The Custodians by Dolores Cannon

Alien Experiences by Barbara Lamb and Nadine Lalich

Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack

Secret Life:  Firsthand accounts of UFO Abductions by David M. Jacobs

UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge edited by David M. Jacobs

ExtraPlanetary Experiences by Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.

Military or Mi-Lab abductions



Taken – Inside the Alien Human Abduction Agenda by Karla Turner, Ph.D.

Into the Fringe by Karla Turner, Ph. D.

Famous UFO Abduction Cases:

Overview;  http://www.crystalinks.com/abduction.html

Whitley Strieber;  www.unknowncountry.comCommunion

Travis Walton:  www.travis-walton.com  Fire in the Sky

Betty and Barney Hill:  The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller (1966)

The Allagash Abductions by Raymond E. Fowler

UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze by Ed Walters

The Keepers by Jim Sparks

Abduction Phenomenon Resources

A.  Questionnaires to determine if one is considered an abductee:





B.  Support groups and practitioner lists:




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